July 23, 2008

SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC PROFILE OF INDIAPeeyush Bajpai, Laveesh Bhandari and Aali Sinha

185 pages 277x212 mm Hardback Full Colour 84 colour-coded maps
Rs 1495
ISBN 978-81-87358-16-9
Pub date June 2005

Also available as ebook at: http://www.into-ebooks.com/book/social_and_economic_profile_of_india/

Social & Economic Profile of India is the only book of its kind on India in Economic Geography. According to a reviewer, ‘there are some strong GIS systems, and there are strong spatial databases. This book is the first time these have come together in a satisfactory fashion.’

A singular contribution of Social & Economic Profile of India lies in the quality of its presentation. A very complex and a very wide range of data and analysis has been put forward with remarkable clarity and in a very reader friendly way. This state of the art data and analysis (which offers many surprises), gives an almost complete picture of the socio-economic conditions of India in just 173 pages. These 173 pages consist of 84 colour coded maps with a corresponding text in colour. This text is both brief, lucid, and to the point. This book is the work of great scholarship but made accessible to a wide section of readers. It tells the story of what India has achieved since 1991. The information on India’s development is of great relevance in the international scene today.

The subjects covered are of enormous public interest and also extremely useful for the framing of public policies. This book is equally indispensable to all the state departments of the government and to Indian companies wishing to invest in particular areas as well as foreign corporate organisations that wish to invest in India. It goes without saying that the researcher will find this comprehensive body of data and analysis very useful. Anyone wishing to go deeper into a particular problem has been directed to go to the relevant sources.

Peeyush Bajpai is author of many reports and studies on Indian economic geography.

Laveesh Bhandari has taught in the Boston University and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi.

Aali Sinha is a researcher at Indicus Analytics.

‘An attractively packaged new volume of single-page notes on various social and economic indicators brought out by the Social Science Press….’
-Business Standard, 18 August 2005
‘Social Science Press has done an equally remarkable job of bringing world-class paper and printing to bear on this problem. As little as five to ten years ago, it was not possible to envision a book like this about India, but this has now become a reality…’
- Economic and Political Weekly, 22 April 2006

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