July 23, 2008

REFORMING INDIA’S SOCIAL SECTORPoverty, Nutrition, Health And Education
Edited by K. Seeta Prabhu and R. Sudarshan

337 pages 215x140 mm Hardback
Rs 690
ISBN 978-81-87358-10-7

It is widely believed that economic reforms widen inequalities in societies which are already highly unequal and the impact of economic reforms on social sectors, particularly in developing economies like India, has therefore been a subject of great concern These economies, it is argued, face the double problem of poverty, deprivation and inequality on the one hand and cutbacks in fiscal expenditures (to prune budgetary expenditures) on the other. This book addresses this problem, drawing out the debates in each of the themes of poverty alleviation, nutrition, health and education with the use of theoretical and empirical analysis.

K. Seeta Prabhu is Professor of Development Economics, University of Mumbai and Head, Human Development Resource Centre, UNDP, New Delhi.
R. Sudarshan is Adviser, Access to Justice, Oslo Governance Centre, Oslo.

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