March 12, 2014

Recent Release- Sabotage by Anita Agnihotri

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By Anita Agnihotri
Translated by Arunava Sinha
.                                                          ISBN 978-81-87358-73-2
                                                                140 pp. Paperback
                                                                Modified price: Rs. 355.00
Anita Agnihotri has a keen eye for the injustices, both gross and subtle, perpetrated on the rural poor. She describes the various scenarios of poverty with a clinical eye, without lament and pathos, but in minute, breathless detail. The woman prisoners, the exploited weaver girl, the overworked policeman in a district infested with militants – these and many other characters come to life in their abused humanity. The facts alone are an accusation. This is the protest literature of our age, spoken in a frosty matter-of-fact style which makes the blood curdle.

Martin Kämpchen is a German writer and scholar, based in India.

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Never a next said...

I appreciate the theme of the story that Anita had put forward.
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