July 25, 2012

Amal Sanyal
"Amal Sanyal is an economist with enormous academic and policy experience. His telling of economics and its stories is sure to educate and entertain, and so draw more young people to the subject."
Debraj Ray Silver Professor, Faculty of Arts and Science, and
Professor of Economics, New York University, New York.

"This book introduces the basic ideas of economics along with their historical context; and narrates how the subject has grown and acquired its present shape. The author has succeeded in presenting the ideas and issues in a highly accessible manner; as well as in providing the reader with the multiplicity of viewpoints which exist regarding them. This highly readable book should prove to be useful not only to Economics students but to anyone interested in knowing about the core ideas of economics and their historical development"
Satish JainProfessor, Reserve Bank of India Chair in Economic Theory,Centre for Economic Studies and Planning, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

Economics and its Stories demystifies technical terminology and goes to the heart of the matter.

The narrative of the book starts with the birth of economics from societal anxieties of pre-industrial Europe. It then follows up its growth into a self-conscious and assertive discipline. Along with the account, Amal Sanyal, with his characteristic lucidity of style, is able to breathe life into the colourful 18th, 19th and 20th century gurus such as Smith, Ricardo, Marx, Walras, Keynes. The narrative strings together the events and traditions of the era of these mentors with the economics they developed and controversies around them. In the process the book explains the concepts that are indispensable for understanding our economic world today.

Economics and its Stories has chapters on the theory of markets; market failure and the role of the government; the labour market and unemployment; money and finance; international economics and globalisation; and economic development.

The book should appeal to the interested reader as well as students of economics.

Acknowledgements ix
1. Introduction 1
2. Markets, Efficiency, and Adam Smith 23
3. Many Forms of Market: Sellers Big and Small 53
4. Markets Often Fail and So Do Governments 90
5. Unemployment and J.M. Keynes 116
6. After Keynes 148
7. Money, Banks, and Finance 175
8. Trade, Foreign Investment and Migration 217
9. Economic Growth and Development 262
10. Conclusion 316
Index 323

Amal Sanyal teaches economics at Lincoln University, New Zealand. He has taught and interacted with many other universities, including Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, where he has worked for many years. He held the State Bank of India Chair on public policy for some time and was an economic advisor to the government of Mauritius for a number of years. Sanyal has very wide research interests and has published a large number of research articles and a few books. His current research includes issues of governance, corruption and public policy.
332pp | 215x140 mm | Hardback
Published price: Rs 650
ISBN 978-81-87358-55-8
Pub date 16 July 2012

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